Hormone Replacement Therapy: No More Dry-Itchy Skin

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

When we were teenagers, we quickly learned about puberty and acne— more from experience than from book-learning. At the most basic level, we understood that our oily skin and acne had something to do with hormones.

It felt like our bodies were constantly under attack by hormones. And we were told that eventually, we would grow out of it, hopefully. But what we weren’t told is that we don’t ever really grow out of hormonal changes.

There may be times when our hormones level out and are in balance, but they constantly shift throughout our lifetime. And, as women, there is a point in our lives when we hear the “M” word— menopause.

But up until recently, no one wanted to talk very much about what menopause is and what it does. Basically, menopause is a massive shift in hormones, and while you are going through it, your hormones are out of whack, and this causes symptoms.


Where Do Hormonal Imbalances Come From?

Often, hormonal imbalances are just a part of life and occur naturally as we age. However, some other common culprits of hormonal imbalance can be: 

  • Extreme stress 
  • Thyroid issues 
  • Poor nutrition 
  • Abuse of certain medications 
  • Environmental factors 

Your healthcare provider can walk you through potential causes for your symptoms on your journey to finding an effective treatment. 

A decrease in reproductive and thyroid hormones is also a natural occurrence in both men and women as they age. And just like in high school, these hormonal changes affect your skin.


Why Is Your Skin Getting Dry and Itchy?

Dry, itchy skin isn’t always just a minor irritation. It can be uncomfortable at best and even painful at its worst. It can also prevent you from doing things that you want to do and wearing things that you want to wear.


A major cause of dry skin is hormonal imbalances. The thyroid hormone regulates moisture levels in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin).

  • Too much thyroid hormone leads to bloated, puffy skin.
  • Too little thyroid hormone causes scaly, dry, itchy skin that can ultimately turn to eczema.

Thyroid functionality tends to decline with age in both men and women, which causes hypothyroidism— too little thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism can also happen during and after pregnancy.


Another hormone that affects the skin is estrogen. Estrogen stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes and hydrates to the skin.

Estrogen levels naturally decline in women as they enter their 30’s, which causes hyaluronic acid production to decrease and skin to lose its moisture.

That’s why so many dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid- like Juvaderm and Restylane are so popular. They give the skin the added boost that is missing as well as decrease fine lines and wrinkles.


Have You Ever Wondered Where Those Wrinkles Actually Come From?

Wrinkles are also caused by hormone imbalance. Estrogen and progesterone are the two hormones responsible for the production of collagen and elastin.

These two proteins keep the skin flexible and plump. Collagen and elastin must be consistently replenished in the skin because they break down over time.

When estrogen and collagen production naturally declines as you age, the body is unable to consistently replace the collagen and elastin that keep you looking youthful. This is when wrinkles, sagging loose skin, and other signs of aging begin to appear.


Thyroid vs. Hormone Imbalance- It’s Written All Over Your Skin

You can actually make the best guess at which type of hormonal imbalance is occurring before you even get tested. All you have to do is look at your skin.

Reproductive Hormonal Imbalance

Reproductive hormonal imbalance causes the skin to seem dry, itchy, or possibly flaky. Using oils and moisturizers can provide relief in the short-term, but the dryness will persist until the issue is rooted out and solved internally.

Thyroid Hormonal Imbalance

Thyroid hormone imbalance also makes the skin dry.  But the skin will also appear yellowish, cold to the touch, and often pale.

Thyroid imbalances also bring on other symptoms like:

  • Heat or cold intolerance
  • Puffiness in the skin
  • Fatigue
  • Unusual changes to body shape and weight

Even though your skin can be used as a clue to what’s going on with your hormones,  it’s always best to be tested to get the answers you need so that you can pursue the proper course of treatment.


Treating the Underlying Cause May Solve Other Issues Too

You may find that treating the underlying cause of your skin condition can resolve other issues that seemed unrelated to your skin problems.

For example, if an imbalance in the estrogen hormone is causing your dry skin, then you may be experiencing frustrating symptoms related to your brain like:

  • Memory loss
  • A slower learning curve
  • Interruptions in motor control

Making sure that the brain has enough estrogen also protects against stroke damage and Alzheimer’s disease. Listen up, men!

Brains do not discriminate— both men and women need to have proper hormone levels to keep their brains healthy.

Both Women and Men

We’ll break down the symptoms between men and women later, but keep in mind that many symptoms can affect anyone. 

The more common causes of hormonal balance tend to produce the following symptoms in both men and women: 

The list of symptoms goes on and on, which is why it’s important you speak with your trusted medical provider to see if your symptoms are indicative of hormonal imbalance. 

In Women

A few more specific symptoms often experienced by women include: Hormone Replacement Therapy

In Men 

Hormone Replacement TherapySome common red flags for men dealing with hormonal issues include: 

  • The inability to achieve and maintain an erection 
  • Changes in blood pressure 
  • Memory loss 
  • Gynecomastia (the development of breasts) 
  • Aches 
  • Longer recovery times from injuries 

While these symptoms are important to look for, many patients report noticing hormonal imbalance after feeling “off” for some time. 

If you just don’t feel right, pay attention to your body. Keep notes of your symptoms as well as any important lifestyle changes at the time, and be sure to bring this information to your consultation. 


Underlying Causes

If the underlying cause of your skin issues is lack of the thyroid hormone, hypothyroidism, then you may also be experiencing a whole host of other symptoms including:


That’s Where We Come In

Our EvexiPEL providers are committed to getting your health back on track. We take a multi-tiered approach to finding the root cause of your health issues and creating a personalized plan to get you back to feeling your best.

We never fix your problems with a band-aid. That way, we can use our expertise to create a long-lasting, sustainable solution.

Hormones regulate major processes and bodily functions, like: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Both women and men can experience hormonal imbalance, and while symptoms are often unique for each person and can vary greatly. There’s a list of common symptoms experts agree are solid indicators of potential hormonal imbalance. 


Restoring Balance

BHRT is a type of hormone therapy that uses hormones that are structurally identical to the substances as they naturally occur in your body. It has been a favorite for both men and women going through the aging process and dealing with hormonal imbalance. 

Other hormone therapy options include pills, patches, and creams, but don’t offer an individualized approach for your unique needs and health concerns. BHRT is the natural alternative to synthetic hormone treatments that often don’t provide relief. 

We use BHRT through hormone pellet therapy. Hormone pellets have been around for decades but were pushed aside when pills and patches flooded the market. 

However, many providers are turning back to hormone pellet therapy to offer their patients a more individualized approach to restoring balance and optimizing hormones. 


Which Hormone Replacement Therapy is Best for Me?

With various options and tons of information out there, it can be a lot of pressure deciding which method is the best for you. Take some time to read through these FAQs to get a better idea of what hormone pellet therapy is all about and how it can help you. 


What are hormone pellets?

Designed for both men and women, hormone pellets are roughly the size of a grain of rice and composed of an estrogen hormone or testosterone. 

They come from organic plant materials that mimic the molecular structure of those hormones found in the body. And, these tiny pellets are inserted under the skin, usually in the buttocks, in a simple and painless in-office procedure. 


How do BHRT pellets work?

The pellets release small amounts of hormones directly into the bloodstream, similar to the way your body would in previous years. 

Also, the pellets will release hormones in response to physical activity or emotional stress, both the good and bad kind. They also allow for a steady stream of hormones, which can help curb symptoms and side effects of your hormone levels. 


What are the pros of hormone pellets?

BHRT with pellets is preferred by many patients thanks to its incredible convenience. Rather than remembering to take daily pills or apply cream throughout the day, most patients need only to visit their provider 2-3 times per year for pellet implants. With hormone pellets, you can truly restore order to your life! 


We Give You a Personalized Plan

After spending time discussing your issues and administering the appropriate tests, we can move on to the next step. Which is to create a more personalized plan. This may include a variety of therapeutic methods. Such methods are:

  • BHRT
  • Detoxification
  • Nutrient Supplement

And whatever we need to do to make you feel better.


Why Is EvexiPEL Superior?

We at EvexiPEL are superior in many ways. We specialize in hormone replacement therapy.

1. We are the leading expert.

Our founder, Terri DeNeui, is a known leading expert in the BHRT field. She has trained thousands of medical practitioners with her expertise. Each week, we treat hundreds of patients who suffer from hormone imbalances.

2. We love our patients

Our practitioners love spending time with their patients. We place a lot of value in the patient-practitioner connection.

With open communication channels, comfortable dialogue, and regular follow-ups, we want our patients to feel empowered. This is to ensure that each patient gets the results they are searching for.

3. We use a natural formula.

There’s more! The materials we use in our hormone pellets come from natural plant sources.

First, federally qualified pharmacists will extract the exact amount of testosterone or estrogen needed from these plant sources. Second, they will insert the compound into our pellets.

There are no synthetic ingredients in our pellets. Everything is natural and plan-based.


Can I Hear From Your Patients?

We hear great things from our patients all the time. You can even check out their testimonials on our website.

  • Our patients love our emphasis on the patient-practitioner connection
  • Our integrated approach
  • The ease of pellet therapy
  • And most importantly, the results
  • Our patients have reported that making the leap from other forms of BHRT was the best decision.


When Your Skin Doesn’t Look Its Best, It’s Hard to Feel Your Best

But it’s also important to remember that vibrant, glowing skin is one of the first indicators of health. If you’re struggling with skin issues, it may be a sign that something is going on beneath the surface that needs to be addressed with more than just some moisturizer or skin serum.


Are You Ready to Take the Leap?

Find an EvexiPEL provider today! It’s time to say good-bye to that dry, itchy skin. We’ll help you find the root cause of your skin conditions and provide you with long-lasting solutions.

Our hormones are just as unique as we are. So, finding the best hormone replacement therapy treatment path to help you achieve balance requires time and collaboration. 

Schedule your consultation today to speak with one of our hormone experts and take the first step toward restoring balance! 


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Hormone Replacement Therapy: No More Dry-Itchy Skin
Find an EvexiPEL provider today! It's time to say good-bye to that dry, itchy skin. We'll help you find the root cause of your skin conditions and provide you with long-lasting solutions, like Hormone Replacement Therapy.