Hormonal Imbalances: Ways to Identify Them

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hormonal imbalances

Our bodies send us signals all day, every day. For example, when we don’t drink enough water, we may get a headache, or if you’re hungry, your stomach may rumble. The same rings true whenever our bodies may be experiencing changes or hormonal imbalances.

So, what’s the big deal? Many people may assume imbalanced hormones is just a part of life, and they’ll naturally fall back in place.

However, hormones play a vital role in our body’s function; they control metabolism, growth, and reproduction, among other things.


Don’t Ignore Hormonal Imbalance

Balanced hormones keep our health on track, even if you feel completely normal, your body may be trying to tell you something. Here are six signs of hormonal imbalance that you shouldn’t ignore.

1. Sudden Change in Sleep Pattern

If you’ve noticed a change in your sleep pattern, especially if you’re getting less sleep than before, you may be experiencing an imbalance of hormones.

2. Hot Flashes

Although typically associated with menopause, this telltale sign of out-of-whack hormones can occur in anyone, male or female, young or old.

Hot flashes tend to signify an imbalance in progesterone. If left unattended, improper progesterone levels can cause complications like infertility or weight gain.

3. Recurring Infections

If your body can’t shake an infection, or for females, you have multiple yeast infections or UTIs, you should have your hormone levels checked.

4. Changes in Hair and Skinpellet therapy

Hormones are linked to the vitality of your hair and skin. Do you feel your hair is becoming brittle or thinning or that your skin appears to be lackluster?

This could be your hormones. Dry hair, skin, and brittle nails are also common signs of changing hormones.

5. Change in Appetite

Are you experiencing sudden cravings or strange patterns of hunger that aren’t typical? This hunger could be a result of a spike in levels of the hormone ghrelin, which controls hunger. This tip is just one reason many people experiencing hormonal issues tend to gain weight.

6. Mood Swings

Both men and women report changes in mood, particularly feeling irritable or the inability to focus when experiencing hormonal changes. Thanks to surges in estrogen, you may feel extreme mood swings or depression that you haven’t dealt with before.

Our bodies are intuitive, and they are always speaking to us, whether we choose to listen and act or not is completely up to us.


Don’t Ignore These Signs of Hormonal Imbalances

However, ignoring the six signs above (as well as other symptoms) could lead to hormone imbalance related diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, and much more.

If you want to review a full list of symptoms, you can see one for women here and another for men here.

Men and women alike struggle with hormonal imbalance, and these imbalances can have serious impacts on our mental, physical, and emotional state. Our hormones are powerful; they’re chemical messengers can control our appetite, weight, and mood, among other things.

If you think you may be struggling with hormonal imbalance, check out our symptom checklist for men and women. Once we identify your imbalance, we can create a customized treatment plan for you, and part of the treatment plan may involve natural supplements.


The EvexiPEL Approach

At EvexiPEL, we use a safe, all-natural, and effective hormone treatment known as BHRT Pellet Therapy; you can read more about it here.

To offer patients a complete solution and long-lasting treatment, we often suggest certain supplements to complement the natural pellet therapy. Today we’ll go over 5 of these companion supplements and what you can get from them.

1. DIM

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is a natural plant nutrient that comes from cruciferous plants (like broccoli or cabbage). Both women and men may benefit from DIM as it supports estrogen metabolization and frees testosterone from binding agents in the blood.

DIM may be prescribed to enhance hormone optimization and to promote breast, uterine, cervical, and prostate health. DIM may also reignite sex drive, decrease body fat, and alleviate premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

2. B-Complex

Methyl B-Complex is made up of eight B vitamins, along with essential support nutrients. The formulation helps support the brain, nervous system, and cardiovascular system and may be prescribed to improve memory, mental health, and energy levels. This supplement is essential in hormone optimization treatment and toxins from the body.

3. Iodine

Essential for managing a vast number of diseases and conditions and also plays a crucial role in the production of thyroid hormone and receptor activity of other hormones. This powerful nutrient supports hormone optimization while also aiding patients with blood sugar issues and cancer of the:

  • Breasts
  • Ovaries
  • Prostate
  • Uterus

4. Mega Probiotic

ND is a dairy-free probiotic formulation composed of several all-natural strains of beneficial microorganisms. Along with probiotics, the formulation includes soluble fiber and a pre-biotic.

Your body uses mega Probiotic-ND to maintain gut health and helps ensure hormones like cortisol (the stress hormone), and neurotransmitters like serotonin (the happiness chemical) are working in harmony to help you experience more energy.

5. Omega 3

Omega 3 HP-D is a high-potency supplement that combines high yield with omega three essential fatty acids EPA and DHA along with 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3. Hormones need Omega 3 fatty acids to build themselves, and they can also help transport hormones throughout the body by improving blood flow. Also, they’re anti-inflammatory and can help deal with specific symptoms.


We Can Help

Can you identify with any of the symptoms above or on the lists? We recommend scheduling your completely confidential consultation today!

Speak with one of our experts to determine if you may be suffering from hormone imbalance, and we can walk you through the best steps to make necessary and healthy changes or start treatment options.


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