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All EvexiPEL providers have undergone comprehensive training led by BHRT experts and completed strict courses, including hands-on patient practice. The EvexiPEL method and use of all-natural plant-based hormones leave patients feeling satisfied and better than ever before!

The EvexiPEL Way

– Pellet Therapy Evolved –


As men and women age, hormone levels – testosterone, estrogen, and others – naturally decline. However, hormone imbalance may happen to people as early as in their 20s due to the vast amount of toxins that enter the body from the environment, chemicals we consume in everyday products, and even stressful relationships.


– Listen to Your Body –


Listen to your body. Is it saying, “I feel a bit off?” In other words, are you like many men and women in their 30s, 40s and beyond who…

  • Lack motivation and feel more tired than usual
  • Gain weight for no reason – not to mention belly fat!
  • Experience mood swings more frequently
  • Feel anxious and depressed
  • Struggle with brain fog and insomnia
  • Wonder why their sexual desire and libido have tapered off


– There’s a Better Way –

Hormone Pellet Therapy Evolved

We’ve taken hormone pellet therapy to the next level. With our team of world-class hormone specialists and a compounding pharmacy, we have evolved hormone pellet therapy to be a wholly natural and integrative treatment for patients seeking wellness.

When you see an EvexiPEL provider, you’re gaining a partner in health. Knowing BHRT alone may not be enough, EvexiPEL practitioners keep digging until they find the best solution for you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Through our partnership in your health, we promise three crucial aspects of healing:

Open Communication Regular Follow-Up ● Ongoing Dialogue