Kristi Fury, CFNP

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  • Kristi Fury, CFNP
    Albuquerque, NM

    About: Certified family nurse practitioner and bio-identical hormone therapy provider Kristi Fury-Hazen received her bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science (BSN) from Texas Tech University in 2002. She continued her education at the University of New Mexico Health Science Center, receiving her master’s degree in 2006. Kristi enjoys specializing in family medicine because it allows her to develop long-term, caring relationships with her patients and treat the whole person. “I have always had an interest in supporting people on their journey through health,” Kristi says.

    As a CFNP, Kristi’s work experience includes positions as an ER nurse practitioner, a hospitalist at Presbyterian Hospital and working in several family practice clinics. When not treating patients, Kristi can be found running, snow skiing, wake surfing and pursuing mixed martial arts (MMA). Above all, Kristi enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter Addison.

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