Superior Hormone Pellet Therapy

Do you receive complaints from pellet patients?
Do you have patients who try pellets once and give up?
Do you have patients who are unfamiliar with hormone pellet therapy?
Are you frustrated with the service and support from your current pellet company?

EVEXIAS Health Solutions can help.

Introducing EvexiPEL Superior Hormone Pellet Therapy

Put into practice by EVEXIAS Medical Centers, one of the largest hormone pellet therapy providers in the country, EvexiPEL provides an exclusive formula for hormone pellet therapy with clear advantages:

  • Practitioners reported less scar tissue, resulting in far fewer pellet extrusions. Decreasing additional office visits for complications, which waste valuable resources in practitioner clinics.
  • Far fewer boosts required in new patients. More effective and convenient for patients.
  • Quicker Absorption. Patients reported more comprehensive symptom relief sooner than with other compounded pellets.
  • More consistent absorption over time. Thus ensuring longer lasting therapeutic results.
  • Increased practitioner and patient satisfaction. Period.

The benefits to patients are clear. EVEXIAS Health Solutions also provides superior support to practitioners:

  • Practice development specialists to support you as you build your business.
  • Comprehensive business support systems.
  • Proprietary electronic health records (EHR) system.
  • Innovative, turnkey marketing systems.
  • Online comprehensive dosing and patient follow-up system.
  • Complete custom compounding pharmacy – FarmaKeio.
  • Outstanding revenue generating model.

Increase patient satisfaction. Grow your practice.