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When life leaves you exhausted at the end of each day, it can often feel difficult to find a solution, but EvexiPEL can give you back your vitality and zest for life. Find out if you’re a candidate today!

Get Well. Live Well.

A Superior Hormone Balancing Method

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Hormonal imbalance can affect every aspect of your life. Connect with your nearest EvexiPEL provider to start taking a holistic approach to your health.

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Schedule a consultation with your EvexiPEL provider to discover the root cause of your health concerns. The EvexiPEL method is a next-level approach to your wellbeing.

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All EvexiPEL providers are trained by the best of the best. Get expert support from well-trained medical professionals in superior hormone pellet therapy.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Evolved

We’ve taken hormone pellet therapy to the next level. With our team of world-class hormone specialists, medical wellness clinics and specialized compounding pharmacies, we have evolved hormone pellet therapy to be more functional and integrative treatment for patients seeking wellness.

When you see an EvexiPEL provider, you’re gaining a partner in health. Knowing BHRT alone may not be enough, EvexiPEL practitioners keep digging until they find the best solution for you, your goals, and your lifestyle.

Through our partnership in your health, we promise three crucial aspects of healing:

Open Communication Regular Follow-Up ● Ongoing Dialogue

Therapy Services

Practice Support Systems

Practitioners who commit to EvexiPEL’s integrated approach to care and proprietary hormone pellet method learn how to increase patient satisfaction and efficiencies in their practices. When you work with us we’ll give you long-term support and resources so that you can find patients and offer the best treatment.









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Are you ready to take the next step towards healing and experiencing optimal health? Search by your city and state or zip code, and we’ll provide a list of Evexipel Medical providers near you. With thousands of Evexipel Medical providers throughout the country, you’ll likely have several options for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy providers near you.

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If you can’t find your healthcare practitioner on our provider list, let us know. We’ll contact them to see if they would like to learn more about EvexiPEL.

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Would you like to learn how to give patients the gift of health by becoming a certified EvexiPEL provider? We’d be delighted to speak with you.

I always used natural products and research everything before I try it. I was willing to give hormone optimization a try after I found out the products were tested and natural. I never thought the ‘hormone thing’ was for me, but what used to work for me wasn’t working at this time of my life. I feel like I did when I was 27. It feels like I’m in my late 20s.

EVEXIAS Medical Patient

Daily testosterone creams just weren’t providing consistent results for me, and they were a hassle. With pellet therapy, I have more energy and my sexual stamina has returned. What a life changer!

EVEXIAS Medical Patient

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